Mililani real estate market

Mililani Memorial Park
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The Mililani real estate market, a predominately residential portion of the larger Oahu market, showed strong signs of economic recovery along with the rest of the island. According to a June 8, 2010 article from the Hawaii News Now, “Honolulu home sales are picking up, prices are mostly higher, and two other metrics show the strength of the market is growing. In May on Oahu, 284 homes went to closing, about a third more than in May of last year, for a median price of $606,000 that was up $64,000 from back then.” The piece, written by Howard Dicus, went on to note that “The Honolulu Board of Realtors reported Tuesday that 355 condos went to closing for a median price of $312,500 that was up more than $12,000 from last year at the same time. This continues a trend of some months, but deep detail in the version of the report transmitted to real estate agents themselves showed not two but four factors that point to economic recovery.”

Existing Mililani homes for sale fared better in May than in previous months, according to a report on Oahu real estate from Bloomberg Businessweek. The June 8, 2010 article noted that “The Honolulu Board of Realtors reports the market for existing single-family homes and condominiums surged in May. It said Tuesday that the 284 homes sold last month on Oahu was a 31.5 percent increase over May 2009, while the 855 condos that traded hands represented a 35.5 percent boost.” The piece, also released by the Associated Press, went on to state that “The median price paid for homes in May was $606,000, an 11.8 percent increase. Meanwhile, the median price paid for condos rose by 4.2 percent to $312,500.”

The considerable rise in home sales, which is excellent news for the Mililani housing market, was also mentioned in a June 8, 2010 article from Pacific Business News. This piece said that “Home sales on Oahu rose considerably in May, while prices for single-family homes and condominiums posted modest gains compared to the same month last year.”

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Waikiki – a magical vacation resort

Aerial view of Hanauma Bay
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It is hardly possible to think of Hawaii’s beauty without the sparkling Waikiki beach. Waikiki holds the distinction of being one of the most famous destinations of the world owing to its intensely pleasant culture and an interesting blend of locations.

This tropical heaven once boasted a healthy flow of rivers and springs and has thus been rightly named as “Waikiki” which means “sprouting waters”

Waikiki is one of the rare places of the world which holds a royal history and it is for this reason perhaps that the place started attracting visitors from all over the world in the late 1830’s.

The increased interest of tourists resulted in its global recognition as one of the best vacation resorts and is as yet one of its kind reflecting the true Beaux-arts design and architecture.

Today Waikiki has hotels that rank both in quality and services as the finest. With its restaurants and thriving hotspots alive with abundant vacationing activities day and night, the place is indeed ideal to live in.

If you plan a trip to Hawaii then visiting Waikiki beaches and spending some time in one of its ocean front hotels is a must! With its luxurious suites, the place offers a unique blend of Hawaiian hospitality and modern arts and cultures.

From shopping to entertainment to fun in sand and surf, Waikiki is now Oahu’s most visited and vibrant resort area.

This main hotel area has an innovative architecture in which the tourists get a clear view of the beach from their suites. Each room is hardly two to three blocks away from the sea.

Even though Waikiki beaches and surfing are the key attractions for tourists, it is worth mentioning the fact that the place has a lot more to it then just sand and surf. Other attractions include the Honolulu zoo and the Waikiki aquarium; ideal choices for those traveling with their kids. Furthermore, shopping malls with outstanding variety and collections can be found at a number places including the Royal Hawaiian center and the Waikiki beach walk.

While visiting Waikiki, it is almost impossible to ignore the thriving nightlife with plenty of dining and music. The place turns magical at night, with loads of partying and never-ending fun and excitement.

Another attractive feature of Waikiki is its nearness to a multitude of Oahu tourists’ sites. The place is hardly within half an hour of reach to some of the most beautiful locations of the world. These include Pearl Harbor, Hanauma Bay, Iolani Palace and Nuuanu Pali Lookout.

From swimming to canoeing to surfing and snorkeling; the beaches are an excellent place to relax and free you of all the worries of the world.

With a royal background and centuries of traditions; Waikiki has evolved into a modern embodiment of the ancient cultures of Hawaii. With its romantic shores and beaches, you are sure to lose yourself in its charm and beauty

So next time when planning a vacation, take a look at Waikiki Real Estate to engage in a rich and thrilling experience of a lifetime.

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Oahu’s Military Life

CP-140s and Korean P-3s at Kaneohe Marine Corp...
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A large portion of Real estate Kaneohe bay is dedicated to Marine Corps Base Hawaii, initially known as the Marine Corps Air Station at Kaneohe Bay. The U.S. armed force facility is located on the Mokapu Peninsula of Kaneohe and hosts almost 12, 000 people. Besides serving as a military training and action center, the base also is home to Marines, sailors, their family members, and civilian employees. Commissioned in 1952 following World War II, the base served as a point of consolidation for the marines’ many spread out facilities across the state. All U.S. military units in Hawaii fall under the U.S. Pacific Command that is headquartered at Camp Smith on Oahu.

Home to the 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Radio Battalion, and Marine Aircraft Group 24, Marine Corps Base Hawaii is located between Kailua and Kaneohe and is reached easily by the H-3 interstate that links the gates of Pearl Harbor and the marine corps base. The facility’s 7,800-foot runway is just part of the 2,951 acres that comprise the base. Marine Corps Base Hawaii also includes two land conservations; one at Ulupau Crater and the other at the Nuupia Pond area. The annual Bayfest celebration on July 4th is hosted at the base and is open to the pubic.

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The Glory Days of Hawaiian Air Travel

Honolulu, Hawaii

Today’s commercial airline landscape is much different from that of the late 1900s or even the early 2000s. Aloha Airlines, once the premier local carrier in the islands, shut down its commercial operation on March 31, 2008. Although its cargo operation was purchased and continues to operate under the “Aloha Air Cargo” name, Aloha Airlines served the people of from Hawaii since 1946 when it commenced passenger services as Trans-Pacific Airlines with single-engine propeller aircraft. It wasn’t until 1969 and the introduction of Boeing 737 airplanes that Aloha Airlines started to compete with local rival Hawaiian Airlines and in 1985 leased widebody DC-10 airplanes for routes to
Guam and Taipei.

While the long-haul operation was very short-lived, the inter-island operation continued on, eventually joined in 2000 by longer-range Boeing 737-700 airplanes to fly routes to the U.S. Mainland. In the wake of Hawaiian Airlines’ massive expansion to the Upper 48, Aloha soon found that it needed other routes to diversify its offerings and offer a way to subsidize the thin-margined interisland operation. Prior to its demise, Aloha Airlines operated flights to Oakland from Honolulu, Kahului, and Kona, as well as flights to Orange County, San Diego, Sacramento, Reno, and Las Vegas. After the fall of Aloha, a few portions of real estate on Oahu were sold to the public for future development. Unfortunately, all of Aloha’s employees lost their jobs when Aloha shutdown its operations for good.

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Hip Scene Away from Waikiki

A large number of Honolulu MLS real estate can be found in the Honolulu community of Kaimuki, located about five minutes outside of Waikiki and sandwiched between the valleys of the Koolau Mountains and Kahala, Diamond Head, Waikiki, and Kapahulu. Historically, Kamuki was King Kalakaua’s ostrich farm but today the community is becoming a blossoming urban center.  The main street that runs through the heart of Kaimuki is Waialae Avenue.  The area has quickly become a place bustling with activity and a nightlife to match its hip ways.

Along Waialae Avenue are storefronts and restaurants that have become the hallmark of the Kaimuki area.  A number of well-known restaurants and boutiques have been able to thrive in Kaimuki.  Big City Diner, one of Oahu’s favorite local food chains, opened its first eatery in Kaimuki.  Town, one of the area’s newest restaurants, is based on organic, locally-grown ingredients and has created a new version of Pacific-Asian fusion dishes.  A little-known restaurant, the Himalayan, has gotten rave reviews by critics and is picking up business.  It’s Nepalese-Indian fusion food has quickly become popular.  A number of other small stores and coffee ships rounds out the selection offerings.

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About Waikiki Wally’s

WaikikiFirstAWaikiki Wally’s, a Hawaiian restaurant and Tiki Bar in the East Village of New York, is a 1950’s tribute to everything Polynesian. It even had Don Ho and Ginger at the opening! Dine near a cascading waterfall, miles of bamboo, an outrigger canoe, palm trees, live birds from the South Seas, a vintage surfboard, and Waikiki Beach mural. Enjoy delicious Polynesian food and the best Tiki drinks in town. The must-haves include flaming pupu platters with tangy barbeque ribs, finger food and sauces, Waikiki stuffed jumbo shrimp rolls, ginger skewered pork, Wally’s signature pina coloda mixed seafood stew, design your own fried rice with a variety of items, and lots of vegetarian items. At the Tiki bar and lounge, you can’t go wrong choosing from the drink menu’s vast selection. Try traditional standards (Mai Tais, Blue Hawaiians) in flaming bowls, exotics (Tidal Wave, Hibiscus Heaven) in Tiki mugs, or flavored rum-based Martikis. Hawaiian dancers on the weekends or by special arrangement. For kids of all ages, for corporate, holiday, and birthday parties, or any special occasion. On and off premise luaus provide grass skirts, leis and dancers. Private Tiki and karaoke room.