Waikiki – a magical vacation resort

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It is hardly possible to think of Hawaii’s beauty without the sparkling Waikiki beach. Waikiki holds the distinction of being one of the most famous destinations of the world owing to its intensely pleasant culture and an interesting blend of locations.

This tropical heaven once boasted a healthy flow of rivers and springs and has thus been rightly named as “Waikiki” which means “sprouting waters”

Waikiki is one of the rare places of the world which holds a royal history and it is for this reason perhaps that the place started attracting visitors from all over the world in the late 1830’s.

The increased interest of tourists resulted in its global recognition as one of the best vacation resorts and is as yet one of its kind reflecting the true Beaux-arts design and architecture.

Today Waikiki has hotels that rank both in quality and services as the finest. With its restaurants and thriving hotspots alive with abundant vacationing activities day and night, the place is indeed ideal to live in.

If you plan a trip to Hawaii then visiting Waikiki beaches and spending some time in one of its ocean front hotels is a must! With its luxurious suites, the place offers a unique blend of Hawaiian hospitality and modern arts and cultures.

From shopping to entertainment to fun in sand and surf, Waikiki is now Oahu’s most visited and vibrant resort area.

This main hotel area has an innovative architecture in which the tourists get a clear view of the beach from their suites. Each room is hardly two to three blocks away from the sea.

Even though Waikiki beaches and surfing are the key attractions for tourists, it is worth mentioning the fact that the place has a lot more to it then just sand and surf. Other attractions include the Honolulu zoo and the Waikiki aquarium; ideal choices for those traveling with their kids. Furthermore, shopping malls with outstanding variety and collections can be found at a number places including the Royal Hawaiian center and the Waikiki beach walk.

While visiting Waikiki, it is almost impossible to ignore the thriving nightlife with plenty of dining and music. The place turns magical at night, with loads of partying and never-ending fun and excitement.

Another attractive feature of Waikiki is its nearness to a multitude of Oahu tourists’ sites. The place is hardly within half an hour of reach to some of the most beautiful locations of the world. These include Pearl Harbor, Hanauma Bay, Iolani Palace and Nuuanu Pali Lookout.

From swimming to canoeing to surfing and snorkeling; the beaches are an excellent place to relax and free you of all the worries of the world.

With a royal background and centuries of traditions; Waikiki has evolved into a modern embodiment of the ancient cultures of Hawaii. With its romantic shores and beaches, you are sure to lose yourself in its charm and beauty

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